Implement a simple, proven framework that grows your people and most importantly — your business.

Are you getting everything you want from your business?

● Are you growing and having a hard time keeping up with the demands of the business?
● Are too many projects putting excessive demands on your time and attention?
● Are you the only one making decisions and coming up with all the ideas?
● Do you find yourself wondering why no one else seems to get “it?”
● Is your talent bench not as deep as you’d like?

Without a consistent and scalable framework to set goals, create accountability, and align your team, business is much harder than it needs to be. Everything is a priority which means nothing is. Instead of enjoying your business and achieving your vision, you’re left frustrated with people, processes, and underperformance.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Emerge Stronger

Get off the brakes and back on the Gas.

Gain Control

Grow leaders who grow companies.

Simplify Your Business

Implement a proven, profitable framework to scale up your people, processes and profits.

Be Confident

Move your business forward with more clarity and confidence in your future.

World Class Executive Coaching

Relationships. Results. Rewards.

My mentor, John C. Maxwell, wrote a landmark book on leadership. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is the number one best-selling book on leadership. And John has been called the number one leadership guru. And law number one is the Law of the Lid. It states that your leadership ability determines your level of effectiveness.

Your team and your business can never grow beyond your current leadership level. Leading yourself first, focusing on your development, is paramount to taking you and your team as high and as far as you can. Your team wants you to be a great leader. They’re rooting for you! They want – they need – you to be a better leader today than you were yesterday and a better leader tomorrow than you were today.

As an executive with over three decades of real-life, hands-on leadership experience, I’m uniquely equipped to help you overcome challenges, rise to opportunities and advance your leadership capabilities to new heights. I’m the business guide who’s on your side. Let’s climb!

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People on top of the mountain didn’t just fall there.

Building a strong team and a strong business takes work. Throw in a global pandemic, rapidly changing workforce dynamics, burnout, and a solid dose of uncertainty and the climb can seem overwhelming. Many have already turned back and called it quits.

I get it. As an entrepreneur, I’ve stood in your shoes and experienced the frustrations of setbacks and organizational chaos. I have also seen firsthand the difference a strong leadership team makes. Many of my clients say my background in leadership and business has been a real game-changer for them.

Book your call, design a plan, propel your business forward — and go from chaos to clarity.

Organizations face unprecedented challenges

The onslaught of an international pandemic has left businesses vulnerable. Lockdowns shifted business forever. If your leadership team is struggling and your company culture is not healthy, you’re at risk of team members joining the people leaving toxic and uncaring workplaces in unprecedented numbers.

Overnight, you’ve been forced to come up with a different game plan — or risk the future survival of your business. Learn the four things you’ll want to protect in your business so you can leverage this crisis, address your organization’s vulnerabilities, get your business back on track and turn this challenge into an amazing opportunity.

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Hear From Our Clients

"Zig Ziglar was responsible for my first shift in mindset that resulted in my initial success. Craig is responsible for the second. He took me to a whole new level and as a result, my business and my family are more successful because of him. The difference Craig has made in my life has been very significant."

Business Owner – Multiple Restaurants

"You are an outstanding communicator and have a natural ability to connect with people. You make people feel comfortable and secure with you - they know they can trust you. You also have a strong business acumen and you use those talents to help others succeed."

President – Non-Profit Organization

"I get something significant out of every session I have with Craig."

Business Owner – Largest provider of data analytics software, services, and consulting to financial institutions

"Craig is personable and approachable. Has a great sense of humor and is a natural conversationalist. He is optimistic and uses stories to help others understand complex issues. Craig also listens well to others."

Director – Medical Device Manufacturer

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