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Executive coaching is designed to enhance your leadership and management skills and performance.

Working together, we become a valuable thinking partner and confidant, utilizing open-ended questions, honest conversation, & other resources to help you develop new perspectives, create positive and concrete action steps, and implement them to achieve real and lasting results.

A cornerstone of our coaching is sharing and teaching practical coaching skills so you can incorporate them into your daily leadership and management process. Adopting a coaching leadership style increases engagement by creating an environment where the team can thrive. And when a team is thriving, momentum is building, and outcomes are rewarding.

Speaking, Professional Development, & Events

Additional Resources for You and Your Team


Need a speaker and/or workshop leader for your upcoming event? We customize each presentation based on the needs of the client and audience. We’ll work discreetly together to co-create a winning presentation. Whether you’re a CEO, meeting planner, executive assistant, or HR leader in need of a speaker, we’re committed to making you look great and adding
significant value to your audience.

Professional Development

Investing in the growth of your business, the strength of your team or your own personal development is the key to long-term success. We offer a set of professional skills training programs that include workshops, seminars, keynote presentations and weekly courses. This is for managers, entrepreneurs, executives & individuals who want to raise their performance in the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication & collaboration.


Huston Consulting Group is proud to be the premier host in South Florida for the annual Live2Lead simulcast event. This global event is broadcast live from Atlanta, GA & broadcast to thousands of people at over 300 locations around the world. In addition to Live2Lead, we host public & customized private events, including ½-day, full-day & two-day workshops focused on leadership, teamwork, communication & collaboration.

Meet Craig Huston

John C. Maxwell wrote a landmark book on leadership. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

In fact, it’s the number one best selling book on leadership written by the number one leadership guru. And the number 1 law is the Law of the Lid. It states that your leadership ability determines your level of effectiveness.

Your team can never grow beyond your current level of leadership. Leading yourself first with a focus on your own development is paramount to taking you and your team as high and as far as you can.

As a certified John Maxwell Team coach and an executive with over three decades of real leadership experience, Craig is uniquely equipped to help you overcome challenges, rise to opportunities and advance your leadership capabilities.

Hear From Our Clients

"Zig Ziglar was responsible for my first shift in mindset that resulted in my initial success. Craig is responsible for the second. He took me to a whole new level and as a result, my business and my family are more successful because of him. The difference Craig has made in my life has been very significant."

Business Owner – Multiple Restaurants

"You are an outstanding communicator and have a natural ability to connect with people. You make people feel comfortable and secure with you - they know they can trust you. You also have a strong business acumen and you use those talents to help others succeed."

President – Non-Profit Organization

"I get something significant out of every session I have with Craig."

Business Owner – Largest provider of data analytics software, services, and consulting to financial institutions

"Craig is personable and approachable. Has a great sense of humor and is a natural conversationalist. He is optimistic and uses stories to help others understand complex issues. Craig also listens well to others."

Director – Medical Device Manufacturer

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