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Coaching exclusively for the business owner, entrepreneur, and C-level executive who want to accelerate personal and professional results. You've worked hard to get where you are and you don't want to give up any ground to your competitors. You understand the competitive advantage coaching brings to the table and you're ready to accelerate your performance by securing one of Craig's very limited Elite Master Coaching slots before someone else does.


A Five-Week Master Class.

The most important thing required to accomplish goals is to have them in the first place. Not many do. If you want to get ahead, achieve your dreams and reach your potential then you'll need to do more than just have a set of random goals. In this five-week master class, Craig shares how to set and achieve goals that matter to you without wasting your time. There are scores of books on goal setting, and a lot of opinions. This master class shows you how to get it done right the first time.



Coaching for those leading a team. Specifically for those who understand the value of coaching, want to expand their influence, want to be at the top of their game and beat their competition. Whether it's achieving that "impossible" goal your boss handed down, winning the latest sales contest, or leading your team to greater performance and success, High Impact Coaching offers affordable access to Craig's leading coaching program.


A Five-Week Master Class.

My mentor, John Maxwell, often shares that small things done consistently over time, will yield compounded and significant results. That has proven true in my life and the lives of many, many others. In this master class, you'll discover 15 habits that highly successful people discipline themselves to do. I don't define success for you, you do. In fact, if you've taken my High Impact Goal Setting Master Class, then you've already defined it. These habits help you get there and stay there.



Speaking and facilitation for group and corporate meetings. You want to take your board to the next level, rally your sales team, break down silos, and improve teamwork. Craig provides energetic, entertaining and effective facilitation for your board retreat, sales meeting, strategic planning session, or team building exercise. Whether you need a tailored keynote, a custom lunch-and-learn, or group coaching, Craig will design a solution just for you.


A Five-Week Master Class.

This master class is based on John Maxwell's book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Leadership. I can't speak for every personal growth book out there, but I can tell you that this book changed my life and I know it can change yours, too. In fact, the principles you'll learn and apply in this incredible 5-week master class will help you be intentional about your growth, see value in yourself, leverage bad experiences for good, and learn how to surround yourself with amazing people.

I get something significant out of every session I have with Craig.


Business Owner - Largest provider of data analytics software, services, and consulting to financial institutions

Zig Ziglar was responsible for my first shift in mindset that resulted in my initial success. Craig is responsible for the second. He took me to a whole new level and as a result, my business and my family are more successful because of him. The difference Craig has made in my life has been very significant.


Business Owner - Multiple Restaurants

You are an outstanding communicator and have a natural ability to connect with people.  You make people feel comfortable and secure with you - they know they can trust you. You also have a strong business acumen and you use those talents to help others succeed.


President - Non-Profit Organization

Craig is personable and approachable. Has a great sense of humor and is a natural conversationalist. He is optimistic and uses stories to help others understand complex issues. Craig also listens well to others.


Director - Medical Device Manufacturer