I recently gave my “10-minute” presentation to our BNI group, BNI Premier in Fort Lauderdale (Business Network International). I wanted to leave the group with something that would add value to them, so I shared four questions they could use for “self-coaching”. Of course, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of coaching and all that can be accomplished, but it may just help you when you find yourself stuck.

Ask yourself the following four questions, and write down your answers.

1. What do I want to achieve? When you’re stuck, it helps to reflect back on what it is you’re actually trying to accomplish. Sometimes we get derailed or sidetracked without realizing that we really aren’t even working on the thing we started out with.

2. What have I tried so far? Remember to think of as many things as you can and write them down. Make a note indicating if the action moved you forward or not.

3. What could I do differently? Don’t listen to the roommate in your head telling you all the reasons that these alternatives are not going to work. Shut that voice down and jot down what comes to mind. Follow this question up with, “Okay, what else can I do?” Keep repeating this as a brainstorming exercise until you can’t think of any other possibilities.

4. What are the first steps I need to take? With all of these alternatives listed, pick one (prioritize them first if that helps you) and write down the first steps you can take toward implementing. Don’t worry about steps beyond just starting. The biggest obstacle is often getting started. You have to take the first step so there can be a second step, and a third, and a fourth, etc.

If you use these four questions to get you unstuck and soaring, please share your results in the comments section below.

Have an AMAZING day,