Giving Back

Giving Back Is An Intentional Part Of Our Business Plan.

In addition to our personal giving, Madelyn and I have made a commitment to give back through the company. Instead of going wide and shallow, we prefer to go narrow and deep. That way, our impact is greater. We’ve chosen two for-purpose (thank you, @nikkielledge, for that term) organizations.

Sheridan House is committed to offering community services, which give children and families the opportunity to reach their full, God given, potential; opportunities that might otherwise not be available due to impeding circumstances in the home.

Be Strong is a national non-profit organization focused on preventing bullying. Be Strong uses a comprehensive student-led approach to: encourage ALL​ students to reveal challenges they are facing, train and equip students to become more resilient, arm them with access to local services and organizations that can help, and unite them to change their families, schools, communities, states, and country.

Please take a moment to learn more about their great work, the lives that have been changed, and how you can participate in providing a brighter future to someone you may never meet in person.